Testosterone Pellets

The insertion of testosterone pellets is a procedure that addresses male hypogonadism. This is the natural reduction of one’s ability to reproduce testosterone. It can also help to improve athletic performance among high performing athletes. At the same time, it can be used to treat low sex drive within women, particularly after menopause or post-pregnancy.

The procedure simply consists of injecting testosterone laced pellets into the user as a form of TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy). The testosterone inserted depends on what you need for your body. This will be unique to you based on discussions and recommendations from our doctor. It will typically last 4-6 months in the body. Improving your existing testosterone levels typically reduces symptoms such as decreases in muscle mass, hair loss and a lack of energy, among others

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP is a type of restorative treatment, which is used for the purpose of revitalizing your skin. It achieves this by reactivating the biological functions of your skin cells, which can be compared to improving your skin’s metabolism. This all happens because modified platelets are inserted back into your skin, which will help to increase the organic platelet growth factor contained in your body. Male or female, you’ll be able to use this treatment without any sort of prior preparation. You can also return to doing all the things you do in your social life after the procedure.

The treatment benefits include:

  • Decreases in fine wrinkles and expression lines
  • Increases in brightness of your skin and general improvement of color
  • Additional skin smoothness and silkiness
  • Reduction in flabbiness on skin
  • Improves look of cellulite and sketch marks on skin

Furthermore, it can help to stimulate and boost hair growth. You’ll begin to notice changes as soon as a few days after the procedure, with others noticed near the 20 to 30 day mark. We will not require proof of allergies and you’ll be considered as an outpatient.

We withdraw plasma from the patient, which is later combined and integrated with other anti-aging procedures such as microdermabrasion using diamond, botulinum toxin A, radio frequency, among others. Depending on your needs as a patient, the procedure overall should be carried out 2-3 times a year depending on the doctor’s recommendation.

Generally, you’ll find that rich plasma platelets can be applied in aesthetic medical procedures such as facelifts, alopecia treatment, as well as cellulite treatment.




A traditional treatment, botulinum toxin or Botox works mainly to address fine lines and wrinkles that have come about through the natural aging process. It suspends the muscles underneath such areas which will help to completely remove areas of wrinkling or frown lines.

The Botox injection itself is essential to do right, as only medical practitioners with experience and understanding of how your facial muscles interact will be able to find the best places to inject Botox. This way you can ensure that the procedure only produces effective and positive results.

The effects are rather significant. Most patients recognize that most creases to the face are completely invisible after a quality procedure. Typically, the effects of treatment last upwards of 3 to 4 months or more.

Skin Tightening with Fotona Laser

Fotona lasers are an alternative method for tightening the skin. Over time and with aging, the skin gradually begins to form deeper lines and generally spread in terms of wrinkling. The Fotona laser addresses this by creating a skin tightening effect, which can safely be applied to the facial regions in particular.

Under the supervision of our doctor, the laser will seek to heat the skin in a secure and even manner, stimulating collagen activity. Collagen is a protein that is tremendously impactful for giving your skin a significant boost as it is responsible for keeping your tissues connected. The introduction of more collagen activity over the treated regions will then start to impact both deep and thin lines on your face. As a result, previously thick and jarring lines will lose a lot of their depth, creating less of an edge as they previously did over your face. Thin lines start to begin smoothed out.

Using the fotona laser, acne scars can also be treated, so it’s recommended that you think about what sort of full treatment you’d prefer so it can be done in conjunction with the skin tightening procedure. It’s also often recommended that you try to keep your face as hydrated as possible before you start treatment, as the laser does respond better to well hydrated skin.


The use of hyaluronic acid to produce dermal fillers is a great option, largely due to its biological compatibility with the human body and its existence in most, if not all living organisms. This is because it is already present in the human body as a nutrient transfer network where nutrients are moved through the bloodstream to the skin cells.

As a result, you can commonly find extreme concentrations of the acid in the fluid contained within your eyes. You’ll also be able to identify it withinin skin tissue, joint fluids, and your cartilage. We can thus extract this acid to use it as a tremendously popular filler option.

When the fluid is injected as a filler, it will then act as a soft, lightly inflated cushion that will help to increase the elasticity of your facial skin and general structure. The liquid will bring water to your skin’s surface, which will reduce the impact of regular aging, allowing your face to look renewed.

Rest assured about the medical potential of such a procedure, as it has commonly been used to address disorders in rheumatologic and ophthalmologic fields, as well as wound repair. This has allowed the synthetic procedure to become one of the most recommended facelift procedures.

Nanofat Grafting

The core purpose of nanofat grafts is to rejuvenate your skin. It can help to improve the color of your skin and its general pigmentation, whilealso addressing layers of skin that need correcting, such as wrinkles and depressions. Most often, you’ll find that nanofat grafting will help to address dark eye circles and refresh the periorbital and perioral skin. For women in particualr, it can be beneficial in treating the effects of skin aging on breast cleavage areas and in other pigmented scar areas.


Rejuvenate skin, reduce stretch acne scars CO2 Fraxel laser

Fractional skin resurfacing can be produced in two different types of surgeries: non ablative and ablative. Ablative fractional skin resurfacing, commonly referred to as fractionated or pixilated carbon dioxide (CO2) laser skin resurfacing systems is a type of surgical treatment that can deliver highly significant results and outcomes but does require substantial downtime for recovery. This type of treatment is commonly used to treat severe acne scars, deep and harsh lines, and heavy wrinkles.

Conversely, non-ablative skin resurfacing lasers can still produce rewarding results whileleaving you with much less downtime to recover, with a 4 to 5 day period where your face will be slightly pink and puffy. During this recovery period, you’ll still be able to wear make-up an initial 24 hours rest time post-surgery. The surgery procedure goes a layer beyond your skin’s surface, into the epidermis allowing for your body to produce more collagen (a protein that can treat wrinkles and lines). Because the surgery goes a layer beyond skin, the downtime is minimal. As a result, this procedure is best used for those who want to treat fine lines and wrinkles.

Deciding between the two comes down to what you need for your body. You might also prefer going for non-ablative treatment several times, where the recovery period is always lesser than ablative surgery.

Hollywood Peel

Different to the chemical peel in how the peeling process is invoked, the Hollywood peel is known as the carbon laser peel. The treatment works through applying liquid carbon evenly over the face, which is subsequently blasted by laser. This will effectively remove a very thin layer of oily, uneven skin. This non-invasive treatment is highly recommended with those who suffer from having excessive amounts of oil on their face, as well as deep pores that they want to get rid of. The result is a layer of skin that is completely undamaged and leaves the skin with a youthful glow.

Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are no longer a permanent part of your body, or something that you’ll have to be stuck with if you no longer want them. We provide tattoo removal treatments conducted through using laser technology that is non-invasive and can remove any color. Exactly as the name suggests, the objective and benefit of the treatment is to remove your unwanted tattoos. Of course, the treatment we offer really depends on the size and shape of your tattoo. The treatment itself will actually take several sessions, usually 2-10 depending on the dimension of your tattoo/s and the ink used.

The overall process will take a bit of time as your skin and body do need to recover as we slowly progress through treatments on your behalf. We use Q-switched lasers that are incredibly precise and accurate because they target specific, darker skin pigmentations. In this case, tattooed areas of skin have a different pigmentation to your natural skin, so you can rest assured about the precision and accuracy of our work.


Fundamentally, this treatment serves to remove dead skin cells in your epidermis area. This is done through exposing the outside layer of your face’s skin to a special crystal powder. The benefit of sanding down this layer of skin is to remove fine lines, skin blemishes, and dark spots. The result is an overall lighter and more refreshed tone for your face, which is why the treatment is known for giving your face a significant ‘glow’.  The process can be repeated multiple times for increasingly better results

Chemical Peel

A chemical peel is a process where the doctor will treat your skin with a treatment that will help to produce peeling effects, exactly as the procedure suggests. The peel can be applied to different areas of your skin, including your neck, chest, forearms, back, hands, as well as your face. The evenly peeled layer will help to address and remove pigment or age spots, areas with light wrinkling, acne lesions, small scars, and also enlarged pores.

The significance of the peeling really depends on what sort of effects you’d like for your skin. The chemical treatment can be diluted to adjust to your aesthetic needs.

Facial Micropeel with Erbium Laser

A laser micro peel that serves to remove a very thin layer of skin (hence the name). It addresses a damaged layer of skin, helping to leave an improved overall texture to your face and providing you with an increased youthful appearance. Due to our doctor’s precision, you’ll enjoy superior results with the procedure.

By removing the dirty, unbalanced layer of skin, you’ll be able to do away with dead cells that continue to give your skin a tired, uneven look. Wrinkles will be removed, while your skin will be left with a healthier, glowing layer that is balanced in color and texture, leaving your skin with added vibrancy.

Most skin areas can be treated, with commonly treated areas being the facial and neck regions. Furthermore, due to how minimally invasive the surgery is, the rest and recovery period is estimated to only take a maximum of 4 days for regular users.

Mesoglow Facial Treatment

This is a specialized and unique facial treatment that is used to hydrate and demineralize your face. It helps to rebalance the overall texture of your face by addressing areas with extra oil that require more minerals and nutrients.

The treatment lasts 75 minutes, and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also rebalances your skin’s overall color and tone. The procedure will be accompanied with steam treatment, which will exfoliate your face fully.

Mesoglow utilizes the main nutrient in seaweed to redeliver your skin’s natural youthful look. We will also provide a massage and facial mask to round out the treatment procedure.

Reduce Sweating

Facial hyperhidrosis is a genetic condition that results in excessive amounts of sweating occurring in the facial region. Usually developed in early youth, it continues into adult life unless treated properly.

We understand that it is a difficult condition to have when it comes to social encounters and keeping up an appearance, and it can also have physical effects with your hair and with what clothes you’ll have to wear to address to address the problem indirectly. We can provide surgical procedures that address this if you’re facing such an issue.


Hair Removal

Diodo Laser/ Trilaser

A diode laser is one of the most common methods of hair removal. You can now do away with other more traditional methods in replacement for a method that actually seeks to produce long-term results.

The science behind the diode laser is actually quite simple. By focusing a specific wavelength of light (think of this as a color and strength of light) at a specific area of skin, you’ll be able to address and specify where you want the light to go which will produce effects such as the removal of hair. The diodes we use only target areas with darker pigmentation. This means your hair follicles, so when they laser is applied over an area with hair follicles, only these areas are targeted – leave you completely unharmed and entirely safe.

By using a trilaser or diode laser, you’ll enjoy the ability to not feel hair in unwanted areas of the body, including private, facial, and other common regions where hair might be more dense such as the armpits.

Fotona Nd: YAG Laser

If you don’t enjoy time consuming, repetitive, and even painful tasks such as shaving, tweezing, and waxing, then laser hair removal is a serious option for you to deliberate over.

Now increasingly becoming popular, particularly in the US, the cosmetic procedure done using the Foton Laser machine is done by focusing laser over areas of hair that need removing. The laser is attracted to areas of dark pigmentation, meaning hair follicles are targeted by highly concentrated light.


Hair can be removed on common areas such as bikini lines, face, arm, underarm, leg, and any other areas you’d like to be addressed. The key guarantee with laser technology here is precision, which will allow for other parts of your skin to be kept completely undamaged.


The concept behind the IPL treatment used for hair removal is actually very similar to the laser in that light is used to heat up specific areas of dark skin pigmentation, particularly hair follicles to avert long-term regrowth.

However, there are a few scientific differences when it comes to results and application. IPL stands for intense pulsed light, which is a treatment that is mostly similar to laser but is less strong in terms of how long lasting its results are in contrast to laser treatments due to its lesser cost. The key difference here is in what type of light is directed at the body. Laser consists of one strong white light, whereas IPL is a multitude of different colored lights which combine into one. Some clients prefer IPL as it is a cheaper method of treatment in comparison to laser technology, but the main difference is that more treatments need to be done instead.

Body Contouring

Freeze Fat/ Cool Sculpting/ Ultra Freeze

The key to this procedure is how fat cells react to freezing. Studies show that fat cells freeze (and begin to die) before skin cells start to freeze. This allows us to safely attack your fat cells without fear of damaging your skin. Therefore, by applying and administering precise and controlled cooling over fat cells, you’ll stay entirely safe during the procedure. Based on your instruction, we’ll be able to tackle the fatty deposits you want to remove in specific areas of your body.

The effects should come into place gradually, with results shown as fat cells begin to die from the treatment within two weeks to a month of our work.

One of the key applications of this process is to apply the procedure over stubborn fatty deposits and general areas of problem fat that don’t seem to go away.

Lipolysis Injection

Lipolysis injection is a specific aesthetic medicine process that was developed by Dr. Michel Pistor who originated from Paris, France. The full technique was devised in 1952 and the method has continued to be developed in the scientific field within Europe. The key to the method is injecting a specific, secure chemical formula that aims to reduce obesity.

Over time, many doctors have perfected the specific formula that has been injected into patients, finding mixtures that have more significant effects at addressing fatty areas and deposits that struggle and refuse to go away.

At our clinic, we tend to provide this procedure alongside our mesotherapy treatment, allowing us to create a wholesome procedure that improves your skins’ texture, fullness, and general glow. The key idea is to target your collagen activity over your face while creating local fat reduction in unwanted areas of your body, especially parts that aren’t responsive to regular dietary changes and general exercise.

Mesotherapy is intended to increase the elasticity and smoothness of the skin on your face. This is all about reverting the natural aging of the skin, allowing your face to reproduce a much more vibrant, youthful look. All this is done through the non-invasive application of our own nutrient base, which is taken from seaweed collagen. As the nutrients are absorbed into your skin they promote increased and accelerated protein activity that might have dissipated over time. Your face will be left with a lasting glow since the treatment has long term effects.

Ultimately, the combined procedure allows for men and women of all ages to reproduce a much more healthy look all over the face and the body in targeted areas.  


Lipolaser has become a vastly popular option in recent times with the development of laser procedures in cosmetic surgeries. The entire intention behind the lipolaser procedure is to shrink fat cells as opposed to removing them. The idea behind multiple sessions of lipolaser treatment is to progressively reduce the size of fat cells themselves by using laser treatments that attack the fat membrane. This makes it the perfect technology to treat specific areas of fat that are unwanted, especially those parts that do not seem to go away even with a regular diet and heavy amounts of exercise. You’ll notice that despite most areas of your fat reducing over time, some regions of local fat do not go away.

In some cases, particularly among users who have lost a lot of weight, lipolaser is perfect for addressing sagging skin or trying to avoid sagging skin. This is because fat cells are not removed but rather reduced. If you can imagine specific stubborn areas of fat as a balloon, this would be the equivalent of blowing out the balloon. 

During the procedure, our doctor will carefully select and devise areas that you want to be targeted in communication with you. We’ll place pads over these problem areas and we’ll apply the laser treatment over such areas. With several treatments (due to it being a noninvasive surgery), you’ll be able to see results slowly develop over a period of up to 4-8 weeks (as the fat cells begin to reduce more and more).

Ultrasonic Liposuction

The ultrasonic liposuction procedure, otherwise known as Hidrolipoclasia, is an alternative method of fat removal without having to proceed with surgery. Instead, the method focuses on creating minimal incisions through the use of Ultrasonic technology, the same technology used in regular pregnancy scans and more. Conceptually, the procedure helps to liquefy fat cells without actually producing damage to the muscle tissue surrounding it. This way, fat cells are removed without the patient having to go through anesthesia or stay in hospital. Instead, a minimal local anesthesia is applied, and the patient can safely have their stubborn fat removed without surgery.

The liquefying of fat not only removes fat cells, it also helps to improve the skin tightening around the lower waist area of the patient. Most often, the abdomen or ‘love handles’ area is targeted, although other areas of unwanted localized fat can be addressed by our doctors, including areas around the hips, back, chin, and buttocks.

Although there are no strict medical dangers to this surgery, we would only recommend it to patients who are not severely obese or have a previously diagnosed liver condition. Otherwise, patients who are of sound medical health who might be moderately overweight can seek this treatment and feel secure about the safety of their individual health. Furthermore, age is not a prohibitory factor for this sort of treatment.

Because this is a non-surgical procedure, you can repeat the treatment multiple times for the most complete set of benefits. Some patients might feel slightly nauseous after the initial procedure, but this can be completely handled with drinking water and staying hydrated afterwards. All of these sessions can be done within a week, and the patient can resume regular day to day activities if they so choose, provided that they continue with a healthy active lifestyle during and after treatment so that the best results are achieved.

With the technology on such treatment improving vastly, patients should not feel significant amounts of pain at all. Pain should be completely minimal, and patients can also rest assured our doctors are immensely knowledgeable about how to best avoid risks.

Reduce Cellulite


The VelaShape treatment is a type of therapy that combines multiple methods of addressing cellulite into one all-purpose method and machine. The procedure is entirely non-invasive, and works through an initial suction process that pulls your localized fat areas closer to the machine. 

While this suctioning process continues, the machine will produce infrared light and radio frequency waves that produce heat over the targeted and intended areas of fat. You will then feel the gradual heating up of your skin through the radio waves. The purpose of these waves is that it will hit at a layer of your skin that enables collagen activity, which will produce long term effects as your collagen activity is stimulated to match a young teen’s, helping to refresh and rejuvenate your skin around the targeted areas.

The key part of the VelaShape procedure is how your skin tissue reacts to the heat applied. The heating up of skin tissue can actually have multiple effects, including the shrinking and general reduction of fat cells as they are destroyed by heat, as well as an overall tightening due to the loss of fat volume. As the extra collagen produced seeks to help smooth out skin over time, cellulite reduces over time for the patient. 

The process can be repeated several times and it is better bolstered by patients who come into the procedure well hydrated as per the doctor’s recommendation. This is because radio waves travel faster and more effectively through well circulated and well hydrated users.

Rest assured as there is no additional downtime post-procedure and recovery occurs very quickly. Your skin will be left a pinkish-red after 25-40 minutes of treatment, depending on how many areas need to be focused over.

Carbo Therapy

Carbo Therapy or Carboxytherapy is one of the top methods used to combat the existence of cellulite on skin, as well as excess local body fat and general flab. It can also be used to address facial aging. As a non-surgical procedure, carbotherapy is as the name sounds – the use of carbon dioxide (C02) gas. This is produced and applied over subcutaneous regions in the skin.

As a much more recent method thanks to advancements in technology, Carboxytherapy has proven to be tremendously successful in addressing stretch marks over the skin.

During treatment, users will be injected with secure amounts of carbon dioxide which will interact with the fat cells in the subcutaneous regions. The body reacts to this existence of CO2 in the skin by filling targeted areas with more oxygen. As  result, oxygen comes into the injected area and re-stimulates collagen activity around it, allowing for the production of protein which will help to repair and reduce the effects of any aging in the skin or stretching.

Over time, usually a period of 2 weeks to a month, your skin will start to feel the effects of the extra nutrients brought in and you might also find that the fat around the area will start to loosen up due to fat cells dying or shrinking from the pressure of the added oxygen.

At the core, cellulite is actually a product of poor circulation within specific areas of your body. Think of the extra oxygen produced as the refreshing or improvement of your body’s metabolism in these areas, and the improvement in its ability to react to poor circulation through the being re-stimulated to a natural level that allows stretch marks to finally be addressed accordingly.

Lifting Treatments


The thread lift for the buttocks is a quick and easy procedure that can be done while the patient is awake. While under local anesthesia, we run threads through two small incisions on each cheek that grab the tissue of each buttock and lift.

After a recovery period of up to three months, the threads can be  tightened again to increase the lift.

Our patients are always very happy after the initial process and often feel more comfortable wearing more revealing clothing, which lets them further embrace their own body. The goal is always to have a very natural looking lift that compliments your figure.

Reduce Sweating


Excessive sweating is a tremendously tough issue to deal with although most people would not think much of sweat initially. Those who have hyperhidrosis, which causes an abnormal amount of sweat to different regions of the body (depending on the person), often face a multitude of daily life challenges on a professional level as well as a personal and social level.

This can create a lot of embarrassment and fear, making it a life-lasting problem and a permanent issue with seemingly no fix.

We have a multitude of treatment options for users. Our doctor will assess you based on where and how excessive your hyperhidrosis is. We can try a range of methods, with surgical treatment being a possible option too. Contact us to find out what we can do for you.

Improve Skin

Skin Tightening with the Fotona Laser

The Fotona laser is commonly associated with the removal of wrinkling and deep facial lines, but this is because it overall acts as a perfect agent to establish skin tightening in general.

The laser emits heat which is targeted at localized fat cells. The purpose of this is to actually reduce and mark out excessive fat in areas, which will allow for adjacent areas to be tightened up due to the reduction in space.

At the same time, the heat will also improve and balance out collagen activity over the associated areas of laser, which will help your skin in producing proteins necessary for the creation of a youthful look. This also helps with your body’s own ability to address imperfections such as aging lines and more.

As a noninvasive treatment, the Fotona laser can be applied to all body parts and areas where you’d like skin to be tightened up with. It’s a quick, easy, and painless treatment that will allow you to recover easily.

CO2 Fraxel Laser

Fraxel treatment, otherwise known as C02 Fractional Lasering is a type of treatment that helps with the improvement in skin over the facial regions in particular but also commonly in other places such as the arms, legs, and any other region of the body you so choose, depending on what you need addressed.

The fractional laser has two wavelengths, each dedicated to treating two different and separate types of issues all in one go. One addresses sun damage and another goes much deeper, treating textured acne scars and general deep scar tissue. The CO2 specific Fraxel laser is even more extensive in how deep it can go.

All of these processes scale into different recovery times, but each produce significant results, to the point where Fraxel laser is considered one of the most popular methods of cosmetic surgery.

Depending on what level of laser you plan to use, the scientific concept of how the laser works is entirely the same. The laser uses heat to attack and address issues within your skin, such as pigmentation, scarring, and general sun damage (which is what leads to wrinkles). During the procedure, the area intended for fraxel laser is numbed to prevent pain.

Generally you should expect results within 1-2 weeks. Because this is a more gentle laser treatment is may take a few sessions to get the desired result.  

Lipolytic injection

An extremely common procedure used to address fat cells, the Lipolytic injection procedure was initially developed by a French scientist in the 1950s and was aimed at getting rid of localized fat in stubborn place among many other medical ailments through injecting a chemical formula to patients. Over time, it has become an extremely popular method of chemical treatment in the cosmetic industry. This has also been accompanied with gradual changes to the formula that enhance beautifying elements.

With regard to skin tightening, the way it works is that as the procedure kills fat cells, it also happens to provide revitalizing effects to your skin cells, enhancing collagen activity adjacent to the targeted are of injection. This allows your body to smooth over the reduced area and tighten your skin around it, which is essential for attacking sagging skin and cellulite as well. This is why it’s also known for its body contouring effects, and the results can be further enhanced with multiple treatments.

Reduce Cellulite With Velashape

Impressively, as of the time of this writing Velashape is the only FDA approved remedy for cellulite. In fact after conducting a study of 35 female patients fully 100% of them had a reduction in cellulite. The average woman slimmed down treated areas by 0.8 inches, with some slimming down by up to 2 inches.

Surprisingly though there are little to no negative effects. Most people notice only mild irritation to the skin immediately after a treatment. With such impressive results it begs the question: How does it work?

Velashape employs combination radio frequencies, massage, suction, and infrared light to gently break down the connective tissue in the skin which creates a smoothing effect. 

Is Velashape right for you? It is generally a very safe treatment, and is recommended for anyone 50 pounds (23 kilos) overweight or less.

Reduce Varicose Veins With Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is based on the injection of substances through a process known as ‘sclerolsing’. These substances irritate tissues in the vein. As soon as the injection is applied, you’ll notice that significant areas of varicose veins around the injection will immediately turn into the regular skin color of your body. It’s as fast as the dying of fabric. In the actual vein, what takes place is the hardening of the varicose veins itself, which means that they will harden and then die out, to be replaced by new layers of tissue that will replicate your normal skin.   

There are also options between choosing sclerosing liquid or foam, depending on what works best for the intended application.  to what options are best for you. 

Tattoo Removal

Remove any color tattoo with Picosecond Laser

The picosecond laser is one of two interesting options for those with tattoos, but is also probably preferred among those who’d like to remove colored tattoos. This is because the Picosecond laser can actually operate at different wavelengths, which each address different colors of pigment. The laser itself will focus on specific colors of pigmentation, allowing it to be precise and accurate around removing differently colored tattoos over time.

Tattoo Removal and pigmentations with ND Yag Laser Q SW

To provide tattoo and any other related pigmentation removals, we use the Q-switched NdYAG 1064 nm. The updated piece of technology provides for longer wavelength, which contributes to more strength, and therefore better and more consistent results. The short pulse also makes it perfect for the removal of specific pigment colors, such as the dark blue / black and even red tattoo pigments that are heavily common among tattoos. This allows us to remove ink entirely from the skin as tattoo ink particles absorb lasers and begin to fade slowly after treatment.


· Professional tattoos: Tattoos created by professionals usually have a balanced and well distributed layer of ink, usually contained within the subcutaneous areas of the skin. As a result, provided the ink quality is good as well, a minimal amount of 4-6 treatments are required.

· Amateur tattoos: Amateur tattoos might fall under a similar situation as professional tattoos, so long as the ink used is good. This means that most tattoos are easy to remove, and are no different. However, if the ink used was of a poor quality, or might not be evenly distributed, we might have to go with a few extra sessions to ensure that all uneven layers of ink are addressed fully.

· Cosmetic tattoos: Cosmetic tattoos, otherwise known as cosmetic pigmentation usually are contained within the eyebrow, eye, and lip regions. They are different to tattoo inks as they are mostly composed of semi-permanent forms of iron-based inks. You’ll need to let us know what sort of pigmentation you used so we can perform a test trial to see if this can be removed securely.


Laser Nail Fungus Removal

The idea behind laser removal of nail fungi is to do away with  onychomycosis in a quick, short, and effective procedure that lasts only 10 minutes, and is non-invasive and not painful. This is all done using the Nd:YAG laser. We have had plenty of experience who have either nail fungus on their finger nails or toe nails. As a result, we’ve developed an extremely sound and secure removal process for what is a very common issue among those seeking medical aesthetic solutions. 

The laser uses a specific ‘painting’ technique which applies several quick fires of laser every second, addressing all areas of the nail, including the cuticle and folds. The laser works on robotic technology to understand if each part of the nail is adequately covered by the laser treatment.

We use Ellipse’s patented SoftCool® cooling system, that sends a continuous jet of cool air across the treatment area. We do this to ensure our patients feel pain free, and so that they feel entirely comfortable during the process, while their nails are completely rid of remaining fungus and onychomycosis.

Ionizing Detox Foot Bath

The ionic foot bath, otherwise known as ionic cleansing, is an ideal method to remove toxins and various other contaminants on the sole of your foot or feet. Treat it like a detoxifying of the ailments in your foot that have taken hold over time, and a renewing and refreshing experience for it, developing the following positive effects:

· Energize organs: As the ions meet with the toxins in your feet, they neutralize them fully and allow them to be removed from your body. The remaining ions then help to positively charge your feet with energy, which will has long lasting effects detoxifying effects. 

· Improved health: The increase in ionization actually helps to affect other areas of your body. If you rid yourself of toxins, even though they were in your feet, they might have been capable of giving you other medical ailments that affect your entire body such as headaches and pains. The ionizing supply of new energy will make you feel recharged again.